Inflect Adds IaaS Provider phoenixNAP to Its Marketplace

Inflect, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of Internet infrastructure, has partnered with phoenixNAP, a global provider of IT services that offers security-focused cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions. Through Inflect’s intuitive platform, phoenixNAP would be able to provide detailed, up-to-date information about its infrastructure and network solutions, enabling businesses to locate and buy the solutions that best meet their needs.

With an intuitive online marketplace, simple research tools, and programs to assist both buyers and sellers of Internet infrastructure, Inflect’s platform would make it easier to acquire and sell sophisticated equipment. PhoenixNAP will have easier access to companies searching for specialized infrastructure solutions that meet certain business demands now that it is a part of the Inflect marketplace.

“The diversity of factors influencing infrastructure buying decisions makes it challenging for organizations to choose the right solution,” said Ron Cadwell, Founder and CEO of phoenixNAP. “As a comprehensive and intuitive platform with up-to-date information on infrastructure vendors, Inflect simplifies this process and helps organizations make an informed choice. We are excited to be a part of this ecosystem and address the sophisticated needs of Inflect users with our flexible colocation, cloud, dedicated server, backup, and disaster recovery solutions.”

40+ Local and International Carriers

David McCullough, SVP of Product and Engineering at Inflect
“phoenixNAP extends our vendor ecosystem, offering a wide portfolio of in-demand IT solutions for modern organizations,” said David McCullough, SVP of Product and Engineering at Inflect.

phoenixNAP’s extensive product portfolio would enable organizations to complement their existing IT with solutions that might be complex and expensive to operate and maintain in-house. The company’s services provide businesses with a highly scalable, cost-effective way to address their complex internet infrastructure demands. They are offered on an OPEX-based approach. Businesses may take advantage of phoenixNAP’s distinctive cloud solutions, which were developed in conjunction with professionals in the technology sector, to satisfy their performance, security, and connectivity objectives at a reasonable cost.

“We are excited to add phoenixNAP to our platform,” said David McCullough, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering at Inflect. “phoenixNAP extends our vendor ecosystem, offering a wide portfolio of in-demand IT solutions for modern organizations. Committed to continually expanding our platform and providing more tools and options for today’s businesses, we are looking forward to working with phoenixNAP on delivering optimized solutions for cryptocurrency companies and other organizations with specialized workloads. Through collaboration with phoenixNAP, we can address a greater diversity of infrastructure needs and global location requirements.”

The two meet-me rooms in the Phoenix data center for phoenixNAP are home to more than 40 local and international carriers, providing enhanced connection choices. Additionally, it offers the only Google Cloud Interconnect and AWS Direct Connect locations in the state, giving access to the Amazon and Google clouds directly. It could be a perfect colocation choice for companies wishing to grow in the American Southwest or go worldwide because to its “physical security controls, power and network capabilities, and knowledgeable employees.”

Key facts about phoenixNAP’s data center in Phoenix:

  • Owned and operated by phoenixNAP
  • Security-first design with 200,000 square feet of floor space
  • SOC type 2 audited, PCI-compliant, and HIPAA-ready data center
  • Built in an area free from natural disasters
  • 100% network uptime – DDoS-protected network
  • Carrier-neutral with two Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs) housing over 40 carriers
  • An AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect location
  • Full Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) product portfolio

With an extensive database of network, peering, cloud, and data center providers, Inflect would make it simple for businesses to locate the infrastructure vendor that can best meet their needs. The Inflect marketplace would make it simple to acquire and sell complex Internet infrastructure by providing a user-friendly online marketplace, logical research tools, and services for both partners and clients.

Inflect launched its services in 2018, after it closed a $3 million seed round led by some Internet infrastructure industry veterans.