Inflect Closes $3 Million Seed Round, Led by Internet Infrastructure Industry Veterans

Inflect launched in June as a preview release. It provides an open, neutral marketplace where buyers and sellers of Internet infrastructure – data center colocation, networking and related services – would find accurate information to connect, collaborate and transact, building solutions that power the global data economy. Today, Inflect has announced its $3 million Series Seed round led by some Internet infrastructure industry veterans.

Inflect would deliver accurate, validated, vendor-neutral service provider capabilities and location information. According to its founders, the Inflect platform is “free and easy-to-use and delivers the most accurate data available.” Sellers pay Inflect for customer contracts delivered.

Inflect Mike Nguyen

“We’re fortunate to have investors who understand both the buy and sell sides of our industry,” said Mike Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Inflect. “They understand how challenging it is to buy colocation, managed and network services. As industry insiders, they’ve all wasted time and money due to lack of access to accurate data and the right service provider contacts needed to source the right solutions.”

Investors in the 3 Million Seed Round include

  • Jon Buccola – Sr. of Greenpoint Technologies
  • Travis Cole – former senior manager, Platform Engineering: Infrastructure of Square
  • Chris Fanini – CTO and founder of Weebly
  • Jordan Lowe – CEO of Server Central and former CEO of nLayer
  • Chris Palermo – CEO of Global Communications Network
  • Kyle Vogt – CEO and founder of Cruise Automation and founder and former CTO of Twitch

According to Inflect, their platform has already attracted a landslide of attention from global networking and colocation services providers. It includes verified data from 40+ service providers and more than 4,000 data centers worldwide. This would represent more than 80 percent of globally available public infrastructure options, according to company estimates.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Inflect users would typically have workloads that have outgrown public cloud. They use Inflect to find the right services to augment public cloud and build hybrid infrastructure. These services would be needed to satisfy, for example, geographic diversity, network performance, compliance and regulatory requirements.

“It’s impossible to buy anything in this industry, or even know whether it exists, without talking to half a dozen salespeople,” said Kyle Vogt, CEO and founder of Cruise Automation and one of Inflect’s investors in this funding round.” It’s infuriatingly opaque. But by aggregating data from dozens of sources and making it extremely easy to search and explore, Inflect has brought a new level of transparency to the industry and created the obvious home for a marketplace of buyers and sellers of internet infrastructure.”