InMotion Hosting Adds SSDs to Its Shared Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting, a provider of dedicated servers and shared hosting based in Los Angeles, CA, has added solid-state drives (SSDs) to its new line of shared hosting servers to provide blazing speeds.

ssd-shared-hostingInMotion Hosting has actually announced a series of upgrades to its shared web hosting service, including free solid-state drives (SSDs), secure shell access (SSH), unlimited websites on their Business-Class Pro plan web hosting, and a slew of new tools for developers.

Customers choosing the top-tier Pro plans from InMotion Hosting will enjoy unlimited websites, and a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing their websites’ uptimes. For power users and developers, InMotion Hosting is rolling out a series of tools to ensure they have everything they need to make their web hosting experience the best in the business. The addition of secure shell access (SSH) would make it easy and secure to work on a website from anywhere in a granular way.

Ruby and PostgreSQL

“We’re tremendously excited about the new features of our shared hosting,” said Todd Robinson, CEO of InMotion Hosting. “Hardware upgrades like SSDs make our web servers among the fastest you can host on anywhere, and we provide them free to our customers. Plus, all the tools and features we offer make our platform unparalleled for web developers.

InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting plans now also support Ruby and PostgreSQL, two popular languages that many website back-ends use. Finally, InMotion Hosting announced that all of its shared servers will feature improved integration with Google’s Gmail and with the entire suite of Google Apps, to make it easier for Google users to run their apps on InMotion Hosting served websites.