Inspur Releases Full-Stack Liquid-Cooled Server Solutions

IT infrastructure solutions provider Inspur is rolling out full-stack liquid-cooled products, with cold plate liquid-cooling technology being available in all of its products including general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack servers, and AI servers. It’s another step in Inspur’s march towards being carbon neutral following its unveiling of a large development and manufacturing facility for liquid-cooled data centers in Asia.

In 2022, with ‘All in Liquid-Cooling’ incorporated into its strategy, Inspur has incorporated cold plate liquid-cooling technology into all its products (general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack servers, and AI servers), which can be fully customized for a diverse array of scenarios.

Inspur’s liquid-cooled general-purpose servers are adaptable to a wide range of scenarios due to their high flexibility. NF5280M6 is a 2U general-purpose flagship product powered by third-generation Inte Xeon Scalable processors. Its superior configuration flexibility would make highly adaptable to workloads in the ten most typical usage scenarios. It is compatible with both air-cooled and liquid-cooled technologies.

Cold-plate liquid-cooling technology would reduce its power consumption for cooling by 80 percent, greatly improving availability, reliability, and serviceability. With its liquid-cooling connectors supporting a variety of mainstream liquid-cooling devices of various specifications and standards, NF5280M6 would allow the delivery of rack solutions while offering greater flexibility in decoupling from liquid-cooled racks.

NF5260FM6 is a general-purpose server designed for large data centers. Its hybrid air-liquid cooling system supports a liquid-cooling mode for high-power consumption modules, such as processors, and an air-cooling mode for low-power consumption modules, such as drives and I/O cards. This would help strike a great balance between performance, maintainability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring energy efficiency, and reducing data center TCO.

Large Data Centers

To respond to the demand of large data centers for higher cooling efficiency and lower energy consumption, Inspur developed the liquid-cooled rack server ORS3000S based on its experience in open-computing rack servers. Powered by cool-plate liquid cooling technology, it would increase cooling efficiency by 50 percent. It features a centralized power supply design with N+N redundancy, allowing power for multiple nodes, and ensuring the highest power supply efficiency thanks to dynamic power balancing and optimization technology.

It would also support integrated deployment of computing, storage, and networking modules. The product has been deployed on a large scale in JD Cloud data centers, providing computing power for online shopping festivals with increased performance of 34 – 56 percent, lower PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), and reduced carbon emissions.

High Density Servers

Building the ultra-high computing power required for AI and accelerating its implementation for universities and research institutes is a major priority for Inspur. To satisfy the demands of applications such as simulation and R&D, Inspur launched several liquid-cooled high-density servers. Their i24LM6 server supports 4 dual-socket nodes in a 2U space, and provides computing power of 447.5 TFLOPS in a single rack. According to Inspur, it can operate stably and maintain high performance for an extended period of time. It can adapt to various environments, including those with high temperatures and high altitude, and provides exceptional cooling performance for CPUs with high power consumption.

With warm-water cooling technology and a CPU+VR+DIMM liquid-cooling plate, Inspur claims its new server technology to have a PUE below 1.1, which significantly reduces cooling costs. It also supports a removable air-liquid CDU to allow easy deployment. The liquid-cooled rack is also integrated with an intelligent monitoring system that sends alerts when a leakage is detected so early action can be taken.

AI Servers

In addition, Inspur launched liquid-cooled artificial intelligence (AI) servers to cater to the diverse demands for computing power in the AI field. NF5688LM6 supports eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink technology to deliver maximum GPU computing power. It comes with 13 PCIe expansion slots to provide the highest PCIe expandability for the training of massive AI models. Moreover, the modular design of the CPU and GPU cold plates would help improve ease of installation and maintenance.

NF5498LA5 is a liquid-cooled AI server designed for open accelerated computing. It supports OAM-compliant accelerators from multiple manufacturers. It would also feature a PUE as low as 1.1. The high-bandwidth fully-connected topological structure enables the direct interaction between any two OAMs and provides peer-to-peer bandwidth of up to 896 GB/s.

Helping Data Centers Reduce PUE to Below 1.1

Inspur works with local partners to deliver the best end-to-end liquid cooling solutions, covering the entire lifecycle from design and consultation to product customization, delivery and deployment. This remains true for a variety of complex needs in data center construction, whether it is building a new modular liquid-cooled data center or a prefabricated liquid-cooled data center, or renovating existing air-cooled or liquid-cooled data centers.

Inspur also built one of Asia’s largest development and manufacturing facilities for liquid-cooled data centers to drive the large-scale application and industrialization of liquid cooling technology. The facility, which is dedicated to the design, manufacturing and testing of liquid-cooled servers uses intelligent manufacturing that covers the entire process from R&D to testing, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery. With an annual capacity of 100,000 servers, the facility achieves mass delivery of liquid-cooled rack servers with a total delivery cycle of 5-7 days, helping data centers reduce their PUE to below 1.1.

In its journey to build green data centers, Inspur goes beyond developing energy-saving servers to deliver complete energy-saving solutions for data centers by pushing the limits in the industrial chain, not just in technologies. One-stop intelligent manufacturing of liquid-cooled products would pave the way for Inspur to develop liquid-cooled complete system solutions and projects.