Inspur Releases New Server Optimized for Data Center Liquid Cooling

Global data center infrastructure products and solutions provider, Inspur, has released its new plate liquid-cooling 2U 4-node high-density server i24M5-LC. The new server is optimized for large-scale water-cooling server data centers with PUE figures lower than 1.2. Inspur has also released a mobile rack-mounted Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU), which can be connected to the i24M5-LC.

The i24M5-LC adopts a liquid cooling optimized design based on the i24M5 server. Inspur’s high-density i24M5 server is a 2U four-node rack-mounted system optimized specifically for high-density data center applications. Four 1U half-width two-socket nodes can be mounted in the chassis. This would demonstrate its “high density, efficiency, and reliability in a limited space.

Its extreme scalability would make the i24M5-LC server ideal for high-performance computing and cloud platform construction. The previous air-cooled design is optimized with the cold plate liquid cooling technology. This would result in “greatly enhanced heat dissipation efficiency at a minimal cost.”

Furthermore, this cold plate liquid cooling method has significant cooling potential and can fulfill the even higher heat dissipation demands of next-generation processors.

Warm Water Cooling

The i24M5-LC server adopts cold plate liquid cooling technology and conducts heat exchange by means of warm water cooling. This would help it achieve a PUE of <1.2 upon testing. Each node of the i24M5-LC is equipped with a leak detection module with alarms to “quickly and accurately” detect leaks at server nodes.

Meanwhile, the data center cabinet is included in the monitoring system for overall design. With node-level and cabinet-level leakage detection, intelligent monitoring can be achieved. The i24M5-LC would also deliver good compute performance, with a single node supporting two Intel Xeon scalable processors for a maximum power of 205W. The i24M5-LC can be widely used in computing-intensive supercomputing centers as well as cloud data centers in industries such as Internet, finance and telecommunications.

Rack-Mounted Liquid Cooling CDU

Meanwhile, Inspur also released RackCDU-F004, a rack-mounted liquid cooling CDU which can be connected to the i24M5-LC with quick release connectors for “easy” building of a complete liquid cooling system. In a space of less than 0.5 square meters and a height of 8U, it supports 8 two-socket CPU liquid-cooling servers and rack-mounted liquid-cooled CDUs. This would help it achieve a complete miniaturized mobile liquid cooling cluster.

The Inspur RackCDU-F004 would meet customer requirements for efficient and convenient mobile liquid-cooled clusters and rapid building of small-scale liquid-cooled clusters. It would also enable further expansion of nodes through coupled installation of multiple systems. The mobile liquid-cooled cluster system no longer relies on heat exchange on the primary side.  This would greatly simplify the deployment environment of liquid cooling clusters. According to Inspur, this quick-installed mobile liquid cooling cluster system fundamentally solves the deployment problem of traditional liquid cooling systems. It would also provide customers with a cost-effective liquid cooling cluster solution.