Inspur Technical Director: “We Hope That Our OCP Capabilities Can be Duplicated by the Open Ecosystem”

VIDEO – As a provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing, and AI solutions ranking among the world’s top server manufacturers, Inspur has been an active advocate of open source technology. At the OCP (Open Compute Project) Regional Summit in Amsterdam last week, spoke with Wilson Guo, Senior Technical Director of Solution Department at Inspur, about a series of contributions in the open computing field.

The OpenRMC Version 1.0 North Bound Management Application Programming Interface (API) specification is primary among Inspur’s announcements at the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam. Furthermore, Inspur has announced plans to release in 2020 OpenRMC Version 2.0 – with a complete rack reference solution to address users’ requirements for two-way, comprehensive management of an entire rack system with detailed WebUI.

Inspur is one of the few server vendors who has joined all major open computing organizations, including OCP, ODCC, and Open19. Open Compute Project started its efforts several years ago. In this VIDEO interview, Mr. Guo elaborates on the latest innovations and technology introductions by Inspur, and he also gives his opinion on ‘open computing’ and where OCP is now in terms of achievements on a global level.