Inspur’s Edge AI Servers Now Supporting NVIDIA EGX Platform

The edge computing servers NE5260M5 and NF5280M5 from Inspur now support the NVIDIA EGX, a high-performance cloud-native platform. These servers have obtained the NGC-Ready for Edge certification, allowing users to “quickly” deploy and “efficiently” run AI workloads in edge and micro data centers.

Inspur edge servers integrated with the NVIDIA EGX platform enable AI computing, edge computing, and container clouds. It would help customers build efficient cloud-to-edge AI infrastructure.

The NGC-Ready for Edge certified Inspur AI servers and NVIDIA EGX stack can accelerate the most demanding edge AI workloads and development of new edge AI services for customers in various industries. It can deliver real-time intelligence in retail stores, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and smart cities.

The Edge AI Servers

At only 1/2 the size of a standard 2U server and with high scalability, NE5260M5 has been implemented by the China Mobile Research Institute in large-scale applications in edge computing pilot and test scenarios.

The Inspur NE5260M5 server can be wall mounted. Small but highly scalable, it can be equipped with up to 6 Tesla T4 GPUs, “guaranteeing sufficient performance” to meet the needs of various edge AI applications.

The NF5280M5 on the other hand features Inspur’s proprietary spatial layering technology and flexible configuration. With unique I/O expansion modules, it can equip up to 8 Tesla T4 GPUs, making it ideal for complex compute-intensive AI workloads at the edge of networks.

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