Integrate Dialogflow with Google Chat

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Integrating Dialogflow with Google Chat? Welcome back to Deconstructing Chatbots! In this episode, we show you how to use Dialogflow, Google Chat, and a Google Sheets API to create a reliable, conversational chatbot. Watch to see step-by-step how Priyanka and Anu seamlessly create this chatbot!

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Benefits
1:52 – How to get started
4:10 – How to find the info you need
5:50 – Demo of test queries
9:47 – Integrating with Google Chat

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Product: Google Chat, Dialogflow, Google Sheets API; fullname: Priyanka Vergadia, Anu Srivastava;

Duration: 00:10:33
Publisher: Google Cloud
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