Integrated Data Protection and Migration Released for Kubernetes on Azure

Stateful containerized workloads operating on Microsoft Azure may be moved and protected with the help of SWIFT for Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive solution from RackWare, a provider of hybrid cloud mobility solutions. It can transfer and secure any Kubernetes or OpenShift deployment from any source to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) thanks to SWIFT, a consolidated disaster recovery (DR), backup, and migration solution for Kubernetes and OpenShift that covers all platforms, clouds, and versions.

Bryan Gobbett, CEO at RackWare
“Our strong Azure integration continues to deliver unmatched value to our joint Azure customers,” said Bryan Gobbett, CEO at RackWare.

Stateful containerized workloads can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to move and defend. With configurable protection, streamlined mobility, single pane of glass management, and support for a variety of additional features, RackWare SWIFT v1.2 would fully automate and control the transfer and protection of these workloads to decrease costs, time, and risk.

“We are very excited to offer this solution to migrate and protect stateful containerized workloads with AKS,” said Bryan Gobbett, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RackWare. “Our strong Azure integration continues to deliver unmatched value to our joint Azure customers.”

RackWare SWIFT

Any source storage type for containers can be converted to any of the AKS storage types, including Azure Disk Storage and Azure File Share, as part of any migration or DR transformation to AKS. RackWare SWIFT would offer the highest flexibility in the handling of stateful containerized applications. This solution offers improved security, easy-to-use checkpoints, support for hybrid models, simple application-neutral migration, backup, and DR, and the capacity to rapidly and easily move from any cloud to Microsoft Azure.

“The RackWare SWIFT solution integration with Microsoft storage options helps expand customer value for production scale stateful workloads on Azure,” said Aung Oo, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Storage.

RackWare is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, London, and Pune, India.