Intelligent DNS Provider NS1 Opens New UK Office to Support Commercial Expansion in EMEA

NS1, an intelligent DNS and traffic management provider, has announced the opening of their new EMEA office in Brighton, England. NS1 previously announced triple-digit growth and successfully closed on an oversubscribed $20+ million B round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Two Sigma Ventures and Telstra Ventures.

Industry veteran Graham Harris will serve as regional director while David Browne will serve as sales manager. Located in one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology hubs, the company plans to leverage the south coast’s rich ecosystem to add additional headcount through 2017 and beyond.

ns1 dns“NS1 has built a highly respected brand and counts some of the best-known enterprises in the world as their customers,” said Graham Harris, EMEA Regional Director, NS1. “The company has achieved exceptional growth over the past few years, and it is an exciting opportunity to bring NS1’s market-leading platform to the EMEA markets. Being based in Brighton, England gives us the ability to reach some of the largest markets in the world while also drawing on some of the best talent in Europe, which will allow us to rapidly scale the business.”

This new expansion comes at a time when demand for the company’s application delivery solutions has accelerated due to rapidly changing market dynamics. NS1 states that these dynamics have elevated awareness around the need to modernize DNS for resiliency and the cloud while meeting digital transformation objectives:

  • DNS Resiliency – Recent events would have demonstrated how network outages, both malicious and accidental, can negatively impact the business and why redundant DNS is now considered an industry best practice.
  • The Cloud – Many enterprises are actively looking to move from the traditional data center and appliance-based models to cloud solutions. Global server load balancing, authoritative DNS, multi-CDN enablement and internal network DNS are just some of the cloud capabilities that intelligent DNS and traffic management would deliver.
  • Digital Transformation – Enterprises are adopting digital transformation strategies including Agile, DevOps and Infrastructure as Code – enabling application developers to quickly deploy new solutions to consumers while building efficiencies into the build, test, deploy process. DNS solutions with an API-first architecture would offer critical automation and integration capabilities that can help IT leaders successfully execute on their digital transformation initiatives.