InterHost Solutions Partners with Jelastic to Deliver Its Public Cloud Platform in the Benelux

InterHost Solutions, a technology provider from Belgium, has dedided to partner with Jelastic to establish a new public cloud platform for the Benelux region. Within the Jelastic environment, even an occasional website builder with limited knowledge of software stacks and server configuration would be able to easily create a scaled and highly-available application for their customers. 

InterHost, powered by Jelastic, would provide advanced orchestration and management of Docker containers as well as improve applications delivery and portability.

jelastic cloudBy partnering with Jelastic, InterHost Solutions would extend its customer base from the technical-minded users to anyone who wants to deploy a web application with no fuzz.

InterHost Solutions is part of Lemon Companies and provides cloud services, web and application hosting to more than 3.000 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“InterHost Solutions has always been a frontrunner in Belgium when it comes to offering flexibility combined with a nice experience,” said Jens Teblick, technical lead of InterHost Solutions. “Now we are taking the next step with incorporating Jelastic in our offer.”

More experienced DevOps will find the platform support satisfying all their needs as well, according to Jelastic. The platform has standard horizontal and vertical scaling for the most common stacks around. Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby are all available with their most frequently used application servers, load balancers and databases.

InterHost Solutions is a Belgian company, providing webhosting services since 2007.

The company strives to be compliant with all data laws and regulations. All data would be kept in the Netherlands or Belgium with strong respect for privacy.

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