Internap Advances Managed DNS to Deliver Speed and Reliability for Large-Scale Internet Applications

Internap, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting provider, has announced the next generation of its Managed Domain Name System (DNS) service. Internap’s new Managed DNS service leverages 24 points of presence (POPs) across four continents to prevent DNS bottlenecks and increase the reliability, velocity and flexibility of websites and web applications.

According to analyst firm Aberdeen Group, a web application delay of just one second can decrease page views by 11 percent, conversions by seven percent and customer satisfaction by 16 percent. With DNS bottlenecks causing delays that can reach several seconds for non-cached domain name resolutions, and even downtime if the abundance of DNS lookups overpowers the name servers, organizations would require a robust DNS solution.

Key features of Internap’s Managed DNS service would include:

  • Disaster recovery –Automatic High Availability (HA) failover ensures websites are available even if customers experience an outage. Managed DNS monitors web resources continuously and, in the event of an outage, automatically redirects traffic to a configurable backup endpoint.
  • internap-cloudGlobal reach –With 24 DNS POPs across four continents, DNS queries are quickly resolved at the appropriate name server. Internap’s global anycast would ensure that website visitors get directed to the closest name server, thereby improving DNS performance and uptime.
  • Enterprise account management – An enterprise portal would make account provisioning, user management and white labeling of DNS services easy.
  • Integrated, route optimization – A fully managed BGP network with Internap’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimization (MIRO) technology would reduce default routing policy errors and improves resolution times.
  • Flexible and fast configuration – An intuitive web interface and customizable API would provide the control and flexibility needed to get websites up and running quickly.
  • Multiple record type support – Managed DNS supports A, AAAA, NS, MX, CNAME, TXT and SRV, enabling broad web application compatibility.

“Organizations that rely on performance- and data-intensive Internet applications for any aspect of their business – from ad tech companies running real-time bidding platforms to e-commerce sites processing millions of transactions every minute – can least afford a poorly designed DNS,” said Steve Orchard, senior vice president and general manager of data center and network services at Internap. “Too few name servers, insufficient geographic distribution or improper routing can impact latency and create downtime issues that directly impact their bottom lines. Our newly enhanced Managed DNS helps to address our customers’ demands for the speed, reliability and uptime required to support today’s growing segment of large-scale Internet applications.”