Internap Expands Its OpenStack-Powered Public Cloud Footprint into Amsterdam

Internap, a global provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting solutions, has announced the expansion of its OpenStack-powered AgileCLOUD public cloud footprint to Amsterdam. The Amsterdam facility also includes Internap’s bare-metal service offerings, allowing customers to choose the best-fit hybrid infrastructure for their specific workload requirements.

Internap’s AgileCLOUD offering is backed by all-SSD storage with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Internap’s “Performance IP” bandwidth to deliver consistently high network performance and low latency to customers. The public cloud service offers two server tiers to match customers’ specific performance requirements, each with configurable memory, CPU and SSD storage options.

internap-cloudAgileCLOUD’s Series A servers include shared compute cores, ideal for average workloads with moderate throughput, such as small databases, website and content management systems. With dedicated cores, higher RAM to CPU ratio and SSD-based persistent storage options, Series B servers are optimized for demanding workloads that require additional memory and higher network throughput, including medium databases, complex websites and scheduled batch processing.

In addition to Amsterdam, Internap offers its OpenStack-powered AgileCLOUD public cloud service out of its Dallas, Texas, and Montreal data centers.

Cloud Management Dashboard

Internap is also delivering enhanced choice and flexibility for its public cloud customers with the addition of OpenStack management capabilities via an integrated Horizon dashboard.

With the addition of the new Horizon portal, Internap now provides a full range of cloud and infrastructure management options that give customers the flexibility to meet their specific control requirements. Internap also exposes the native OpenStack API, granting the highest level of sophistication and control granularity for developers and DevOps teams.

Features enabled through Internap’s new Horizon portal include:

  • Create, delete and resize VMs
  • Create compute volume snapshots
  • Create and modify compute and networking security group rules
  • Backup, restore and create storage volumes