Internap Launches New OpenStack Powered Public Cloud Hosting Platform

Hosting provider Internap, an Internet infrastructure provider since 1996, has announced the general availability of its next-generation AgileCLOUD. The new version of Internap’s public cloud hosting platform exposes the native OpenStack API and provides integrated virtual and bare-metal hybridization to address a range of application needs.

By exposing the native OpenStack API, the next-generation of AgileCLOUD enables customers to access the entire OpenStack ecosystem and avoid vendor lock-in. With minimal development effort, customers can move workloads between Internap’s AgileCLOUD and other cloud environments and leverage third-party management tools.

OpenStack Marketplace

internap-cloudInternap’s AgileCLOUD is also among the first public cloud services included in the new OpenStack Marketplace. Exposing the native OpenStack API is one of the key criteria for inclusion in the OpenStack Foundation’s new public cloud hosting Marketplace, which is designed to help OpenStack “super-users” and those new to the platform better understand and make comparisons between OpenStack products and services.

“OpenStack is a platform that allows service providers to create innovative, open cloud solutions to meet today’s performance, scale and flexibility demands,” said Mark Collier, COO at the OpenStack Foundation. “The new OpenStack Marketplace features a broad array of products and services in supporting the OpenStack ecosystem, including Internap’s AgileCLOUD.”

Key features of Internap’s next-generation AgileCLOUD include:

  • Server performance tiers and custom configuration – For maximum flexibility, customers can choose from three configuration series, depending on their performance requirements. Options include two virtual instance series and a bare-metal series for applications that require the highest levels of performance consistency. Each series features configurable memory, CPU and SSD storage options.
  • All-SSD storage with guaranteed performance – Networked (persistent) storage is based on an SSD-imbued SAN, with each volume having a guaranteed number of IOPS. This prevents performance variations stemming from the “noisy neighbor” effect of multi-tenancy and guarantees Quality of Service (QoS). All-SSD local storage options are also available.
  • Cloud network optimization – AgileCLOUD is underpinned by Internap’s Performance IP bandwidth to deliver consistently higher performance and lower latency to end users when compared to other clouds. Performance IP finds the fastest route across numerous carrier backbones worldwide with Internap’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology, which analyzes network characteristics like jitter and packet loss and makes an average of 1,300 traffic optimizations per customer per hour.
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