Internet Marketing Company, Rapid Crush, Chooses Liquid Web’s Managed Hosting Services for Its New Projects

A quickly growing Internet marketing company, Rapid Crush, will use Liquid Web’s managed hosting services for their new shopping cart software and their new WordPress business.

As an Internet marketing company, Rapid Crush calls themselves systems integrators, conversion experts, and launch experts. They offer physical product training, where they train their clients on how to source, find, brand, and sell products on platforms like AWS Cloud.

Rapid Crush also teaches its clients how to sell information-based products through webinars and seminars. Their business is currently expanding to include WordPress products… an “exciting opportunity” that prompted them to reach out to Liquid Web.

rapid crush liquid webWhen Doland White became CEO of Rapid Crush in early 2016, he and now current Sr. Director of Services, David McLaurin, made a point to meet with Liquid Web to nail down exactly the services they were currently using so they could plan for future expansion.

“I’ve worked with other hosting providers before, but working with Liquid Web has been interesting, particularly with our account manager, Alex,” said Mr. McLaurin. “Alex made it really easy to get down and dirty into the options, allowing us to come back out and procure a new server.”

“We want to work with someone who is going to be there, whether we’re calling about something really difficult or really silly,” added Mr. McLaurin. “We want to be able to pick up the phone and call in.”

Identifying and understanding their hosting infrastructure has provided Rapid Crush the confidence to take on two big projects this year: building their own shopping cart & launching a new WordPress business.

A New Shopping Cart

Rapid Crush’s new shopping cart is a key component of their main business – they need it in place to bring in revenue. Because many of the products that they market and sell are online, the majority of their revenue comes through the web as well. For that reason, they’ve elected to create their own and rely on Liquid Web’s hosting infrastructure and network to run it.

A New WordPress Business

The second new project for Rapid Crush will help them break into the WordPress market. This new part of their business will be focused on selling WordPress themes and providing access to third-party plugins. Launching this business is an important step for Rapid Crush and they’re excited about joining a market that would currently run 25% of the Internet.

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