Interoute Expands European Cloud Hosting Platform into U.S., Adds Cloud Zone in New York

Interoute, owner and operator of a large cloud hosting services platform in Europe, has launched a new Interoute Virtual Data Center (VDC) zone in New York in a move that will further expand its cloud hosting services globally.

Interoute has now VDC zones in eight countries across the globe, with six in Europe and one in Hong Kong.

cloud-hosting-usa“Opening our first US zone in New York is part of Interoute‘s expansion beyond our European base, following the launch of our Hong Kong zone earlier this year,” said Interoute CTO, Matthew Finnie. “European developers and businesses with their sights set on the U.S. need more than just a data center to effectively gain a foothold there. They need a networked cloud to give them the speed and performance to compete.”

Interoute VDC is built into the foundations of Interoute’s international MPLS and Internet backbone, a key part of the Internet in Europe, bringing businesses closer to their customers. The network extends beyond the data center, providing connectivity to customers worldwide.

Access global network

Interoute VDC customers are given access to the entire network of computing resource across the platform and can choose to create custom compute and storage in any location globally, whether that is in Europe, North America or Asia.

Customers can also use quick deployments from the Interoute CloudStore to instantly create their machines through a series of simple menu-driven options. Interoute VDC offers the option of public cloud hosting, private (MPLS) or hybrid cloud services as standard, defined at the network level.

Interoute’s cloud hosting services platform encompasses over 60,000 kms of lit fiber, 8 Virtual Data Centers, 11 hosting data centers and 31 colocation centers, with connections to 140 additional third-party data centers across Europe.