Interoute Unveils Edge SD-WAN Service for Optimized Application Performance in the Cloud

Global cloud and network provider, Interoute, has launched its Edge SD-WAN solution – a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service meshed into Interoute’s global Cloud Fabric. The new service would improve the experience for corporate application users by integrating Interoute’s Software Defined Global Cloud Fabric with WAN optimization and dynamic, application routing at the Edge.

This latest evolution of Interoute’s Edge product family would reduce costs and improve cloud application performance by intelligently managing connections to applications. Utilizing the Interoute Cloud Fabric, the company’s Edge SD-WAN blends public and private access networks into one dynamic application network. This would ensure application traffic is directed over the fastest routes without impacting availability or needing costly, unused backup circuits.

interoute cloud data center spainThe Cloud Fabric mesh is constantly adapting and re-routing itself, to intelligently optimize application data flows between local offices and the corporate private cloud environment and accelerate applications delivered from the public cloud.

“Interoute Edge SD-WAN is bringing new levels of optimized application performance in the cloud,” said Mark Lewis, Executive Vice President of Products and Development, Interoute. “As more applications move to the cloud, enterprise users can be forced to take an indirect route across the global Internet to access those apps, resulting in increased latency and poor performance. Interoute Edge SD-WAN combined with Interoute’s Cloud Fabric Software Defined core ensures that traffic takes the fastest and most direct route, optimizing throughput and ultimately cloud application performance. It provides access to public and private computing combined with accelerated access to other applications elsewhere in the cloud.”

About Cloud Fabric

The Interoute Cloud Fabric binds together 17 VDC (Virtual Data Centre) Cloud Zones, colocation data centers, Points of Presence (PoPs) and third-party cloud providers with an “ultra-low latency” private network backbone. Sensitive information and critical traffic is delivered using this global private network and the application performance aware routing.

Integrated network acceleration uses de-duplication and compression to reduce bandwidth requirements and deliver non-business critical traffic using a secured tunnel over the public Internet. Low priority public Internet activity is also passed through Interoute SD-WAN Edge Connect to ensure it is secured.