Intersection of Domain Names & Online Services by Andy Simpson | ResellerClub CloudBazaar

Starting an online business is easy in today’s day and age. All you need to do is decide on an appropriate domain name for business, find the right hosting provider(RC Homepage link) and set up your business website. Once your website is set up you can take care of designing it based on your niche by installing themes and plugins to attract and retain customers. Designing a website has become seamless with the number of online website builders available, as they help you create and customise your website and host in on a domain name of your choice.

With over tens and hundreds of domain names being sold and deployed each day, the question that remains is, ‘Is there any correlation between online services and domain names?’

Shakespeare had asked, What’s in a Name?’ well when it comes to establishing your online presence and its success there is a lot in a name.

This talk focuses on domain name for business and if they impact online services. After all choosing a domain name for online business services matters a lot.

Andy Simpson, Data Scientist for Verisign, a wholesale portal for selling domain names in this talk focuses on the intersection of these two entities, the customer engagement and growth in the market. He covers services like drag and drop website builders, email services and its association with social media and the process of how end users come online in today’s age.

Throughout his talk the main the focus remains on how the domain cycle works. As well as, ways to make the best use of domain name for business for selling additional services to customers and in turn increasing relations and ties.

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Duration: 26:40
Publisher: ResellerClub
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