Intro to Microsoft Azure

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Jeff DeVerter will walk us through an introduction to Azure and the exploration of when and where Azure is best suited. He’ll also cover best practices for successful Azure deployments.

About our moderator:
Jeff DeVerter is the Chief Technologist for Microsoft Technology at Rackspace. He’s responsible for the roadmap and delivery of Fanatical Support® for Microsoft technology both inside and outside of our data centers. Jeff has been with Rackspace for seven years and has built several of our service offerings, including Dedicated SharePoint, Dedicated Exchange and Microsoft Cloud Platform. Jeff is currently involved in projects that take Rackspace’s award-winning Fanatical Support® to new Microsoft technologies and new locations.

# Highlights #

## Intro

* What is microsoft up to? Azure is the glue: (2:00)
* working with customers (3:00)
* does it help the customer (Kent) (5:00)
* Don’t go for the shiny new thing (Kent) (6:30)

## Security

* Security Jeff (7:00)
* Many kinds of security Kent (7:00)
* Security and Microsoft’s stance – Hackers are already in. (9:00)
* How do we monitor the landscape? Kent (10:30)
* behaving differently today than they did yesterday (pattern recognition) (Jeff) (13:00)
* Advanced Threat Detection Capabilities (Jeff) (14:00)
* Rackspace expertise goes beyond “we recommend” (Jeff) (17:00)
* Hiring for expertise. access to both the minds and the tools. Kent (17:30)

## Raspberry Pi

* First impressions of Raspberry pi Kent (19:00)
* Kent is very excited about IOT and Raspberry pi (kent) (19:30)
* Strategy to couple cheap and reliable storage with machine learning and Big Data Analytics (Kent) (20:00)
* New Leadership at Microsoft is facilitating this type of growth (Jeff) (21:00)
* Real world examples of IOT (23:00)
* More traffic patterns. Important to advertisers. Petabytes of Data. (Kent) (23:10)
* Oil and gas fields – pump production, etc. (Kent) (25:00)
* Data collectors on Semis to track goods as they crisscross country (Jeff) (25:30)

## Azure Stack

* Azure Stack – Where does the stack live? Multiple data centers. Azure (public cloud) and private cloud. Same systems. (Jeff) (28:00)
* Azure Stack allows for connection to Big Data (Kent) (28:30)
* Once a month example (Jeff) (29:30)
* Why does private cloud matter? Kent (31:30)
* Hybrid – Compliance (32:00)
* What does Azure Stack mean for Rackspace customers (32:30)
* Microsoft acknowledges place of private cloud, seeks feature parity. (Jeff/Kent) (33:30)
* Choice of technology. Kent (35:00)
* Not a binary choice anymore. Slice and dice app apart. (Jeff) (36:00)
* Continual pressure to drive cost down (Kent) (38:00)
* Sad Windows phone (Jeff) (39:00)

## Xamarin

* Not terribly surprising – long-standing relationship (40:00)
* Allows devs to code onto multiple platforms

## Azure @ Heathrow

* Start (42:00)
* ping pong score analysis (Kent) (44:00)
* Microsoft Research – Unsung Heroes. (45:00)
* What is the impact of Cloud? Strategy? Tangible impact. (Jeff) (46:00)
* Helping customers architect for the future. Cloud changes it. Looking to RAX for Guidance. “Help Me.” (Jeff/Kent (48:00)

## Closing Thoughts
* Kent: Not your father’s Microsoft (51:00)
* Favorite Azure Feature (52:00)

## Links to resources

* MS Security Center:
* Azure Security:
* Azure Fridays:
* ZDNet Raspberry P:
* Xamarin Acquisition:
* Airports in England:
* FlightRadar 24:,15/6
* Open Street Map:

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Publisher: Rackspace
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