Introducing IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud (Cloud Next '19)

Large enterprises face many challenges when considering a public cloud solution as part of their hybrid cloud strategy. The lack of current on-prem infrastructure elements and related workload stacks in a public cloud can present a significant barrier to optimal exploitation of public cloud capabilities. Solutions that combine existing on-prem elements and public cloud resources can bridge the gap, however network latency, data transfer costs, and security can be challenges when resources are split between on and off prem. IBM and Google have partnered to enable Power-based Enterprise compute as a service for Google Cloud with high speed connectivity and direct integration into GCP project resources. This offer allows Power customers to exercise use cases and run Power based workloads closely integrated with Google Cloud services to create new solutions for their end customers and take advantage of cloud economics.

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Speaker(s): Rodney Burnett, Andy Waddell, Kyle Johnson

Session ID: HYB221
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications); fullname:Andy Waddell;

Duration: 00:35:32
Publisher: Google Cloud
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