Introducing OneNeck IT Solutions

On January 6, 2014, TDS Hosted and Managed Services became OneNeck IT Solutions, creating a single point of accountability for all of their customers’ IT needs. OneNeck IT Solutions was purposefully builtthrough the acquisitions of leading IT service providers: VISI, TEAM Technologies, OneNeck IT Services, Vital Support Systems and MSN Communications. It combines their extensive resources and capabilities to create one of the most comprehensive providers of end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions for mid-market companies.

OneNeck IT Solutions is committed to being a stable, strategic enterprise IT partner whose innovative engineering helps customers reduce costs, improve service levels, increase revenues and gain local-to-global competitive advantage. Through this brand unification, we are confident we are strategically positioned to grow with your company.

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Duration: 1:11
Publisher: OneNeck IT Solutions
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