Introducing Rackspace Managed Security

Earlier this month we introduced Rackspace Managed Security. We’ll take a closer look at this new offering, and answer customer questions on this week’s Office Hours Hangout. 
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Episode 120 : Introducing Rackspace Managed Security

Recorded Live: 10-22-2015

Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Rackspace Enterprise Technical Advisor
Jarret Raim: @JarretRaim – Strategy and Ops, Rackspace Managed Security

Why did Rackspace enter the cyber security space? (2:10)
Is this for customers on dedicated or cloud? (7:20)
Does this require other Rackspace services? (11:05)
Biggest customer needs with cyber security (12:50)
Adopting Managed Security on the ground floor (19:18)
Security needs to keep in mind (24:20)
Does this service require hardware like IDS, IPS? (29:11)
If I can only do one thing to improve security, what would it be? (34:50)
Architecture recommendations to protect your environment (38:00)
How to stay ahead of security threats (44:55)
How can Managed Security help ecommerce shops, especially during Black Friday and other high traffic events? (50:00)
Interesting new developments in cyber security (54:54)

Rackspace Managed Security

Duration: 58:15
Publisher: Rackspace
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