Introducing Serverless Migration Station

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Serverless Migration Station is a Serverless Expeditions mini-series focused on helping developers modernize their serverless applications, primarily from Google App Engine legacy services. Many of those have matured to become standalone Cloud products, so the goal is to show users the steps required to migrate. Examples including migrating away from the legacy webapp2 framework to one more broadly used by the community such as Flask; another shows how to migrate from App Engine’s ndb library to Cloud NDB. Some videos dive deeper and focus on migration of client libraries, for example, from Cloud Datastore to Cloud Firestore. Others show how to perform product crossovers, such as containerizing App Engine apps for Cloud Run. This introductory video introduces developers to Serverless Migration Station as well as the sample app used in most of the videos in this series.

0:00 Introducing “Serverless Migration Station”
1:10 Initial focus on App Engine
3:36 Migration codelabs and sample app overview
6:02 Summary

Repo for migration samples from the documentation →
Repo for migration samples contributed by the community →
Google’s support of an open cloud →
Python 3 App Engine Quickstart and commonly-used web frameworks →
Serverless Migration Station repo →

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