Introduction to DevOps

Learn how you can build a more agile and automated organization with DevOps. DevOps is the utilization of Lean and Agile techniques to combine development and operations into a single IT value stream. This helps bridge the gap between Agile Software Development and Operations.

Cisco Tetration and Cisco ACI are designed with programmability as the key aspects of the architecture, which in turn enables the most comprehensive industry wide integration with DevOps toolchains. DevOps tools like Ansible, Docker and Puppet leverage programmability of these powerful platforms to continuously integrate, deliver and deploy support for DevOps methodology.

Cisco ACI is the most comprehensive and scalable SDN solution in the industry. Tetration Analytics Platform, which leverages big data technologies and Machine Learning, is the most powerful datacenter analytics platform. NXOS is a widely deployed modular and scalable network operating system. Learn more here:

Duration: 2:45
Publisher: Cisco
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