Introduction to GKE cluster networking

Network Overview →
GKE Services →
Optimizing IP Address Allocation →

Kubernetes networking is bursting with exciting features, but how does it all work? Having a solid foundational understanding of GKE Networking can set up your implementation for success. In this episode of GKE Essentials, Anthony Bushong discusses how cluster networking functions in GKE.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Networking for GKE Nodes
1:10 – Networking for Kubernetes Pods
2:20 – Networking for Kubernetes Services
3:02 – Flexible Pod CIDR
3:50 – Discontiguous multi-pod CIDR
4:22 – Recap

Adding Pod IP Address Ranges →

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product: Cloud – Containers – Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE); fullname: Anthony Bushong

Duration: 00:05:11
Publisher: Google Cloud
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