Introduction to Google Cloud Backup and DR

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Organizations of all sizes use multiple products for backup and disaster recovery, preparing from everything to ransomware attacks to rolling back a user error, however these processes are highly complex and can have potentially long recovery times. Luckily, there’s a centralized, Google Cloud-native backup and disaster recovery solution for cloud-based and hybrid workloads: Google Cloud Backup and DR. Watch to learn about your backup and disaster recovery options that work with minimal disruption to your business and day to day operations.

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Backup and recovery challenges
1:06 – Introducing Google Cloud Backup and DR
1:39 – Delivering value with application-native backup storage
2:19 – An intuitive, centralized backup experience
3:05 – Minimizing TCO: Incremental-forever backup
4:01 – Minimizing TCO: Flexible backup storage options
4:16 – Solving traditional backup and recovery challenges
4:38 – Recapping the benefits
5:10 – Try it today

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Duration: 00:05:33
Publisher: Google Cloud
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