Introduction to Helm – A Package Manager for Kubernetes Apps | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talks

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Helm, a CNCF-graduated project, is used for packaging Kubernetes applications. It grants users the ability to provide, share, and use software built for Kubernetes. In this talk, Eric Gregory will walk you through:
– The history of the Helm project
– Helm’s Basic terminology
– How to get started with it with a live demo.
– Use cases and the value it brings to software applications
– Best practices and helpful tips when leveraging Helm

0:00 – Introduction & agenda
1:56 – What is Helm?
4:28 – Getting started with Helm
6:22 – Using Helm with Lens, the Kubernetes IDE
10:02 – Using Helm with the command line interface (CLI)
17:30 – Upgrading an application with Lens
19:20 – Upgrading an application using the CLI
19:54 – How to publish a Helm chart
29:12 – Cleaning up your cluster post-install
29:55 – Tips & best practices when using Helm
34:24 – A look ahead to next week’s Tech Talk
36:29 – Wrapping up

Duration: 00:37:23
Publisher: Mirantis
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