Introduction to securing cluster access

Hardening your cluster’s security →
Understanding IAM custom roles →
Configuring role-based access control →

In this episode of GKE Essentials, Anthony Bushong covers some best practices for securing access to your GKE cluster. From the principle of least privilege to defining cluster access, watch to learn how you can leverage the GKE API and Kubernetes Control Plane to secure access and ensure that users only have the access they need, and nothing more!

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Cluster Access Overview
1:06 – Securing Access to a Cluster
4:23 – Authorized Networks
5:10 – Recap

Adding authorized networks for control plane access →

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product: Cloud – Containers – Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE); fullname: Anthony Bushong

Duration: 00:05:55
Publisher: Google Cloud
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