Introduction to YAML & Kubernetes Manifest Files | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talk

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Welcome to Mirantis Labs Tech Talks, a new, hands-on tutorial series from Mirantis highlighting all things Cloud Native. In this installment, Director of Technical Marketing, Nick Chase, will cover an introduction to YAML & walk you through the basic of Kubernetes manifest files.

Nick will demo & elaborate on everything you need to get started with YAML & Kubernetes including:
– Overview of YAML structure
– Basics of maps & lists
– More advanced features such as operators, anchors & aliases
– Tools to make life easier when using YAML/Kubernetes

0:00 – Introduction & housekeeping
3:39 – Who is this webinar for?
4:37 – Uses for YAML
7:12 – What makes a YAML document?
8:27 – Overall YAML structure
17:31 – Data Types in YAML
19:39 – Live Demo: Using YAML in Lens, the K8s IDE
33:30 – A word on ConfigMaps & Kubernetes Secrets
35:02 – Helpful tools for YAML
37:25 – Live Q&A
39:20 – Register for next week’s talk!

Duration: 00:41:03
Publisher: Mirantis
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