Investing in Technology with Lawrence Jones MBE, CEO of UKFast

SMBs and even enterprise businesses can’t afford to make mistakes when outsourcing. The business buzz word at the moment is to ‘outsource’. It makes sense, there are huge cost savings. The NHS and some government agencies are slower to follow suit because they’re nervous about their data and they are right to be. But the costs of trying to manage and insource projects as opposed to hosting in somebody else’s purpose built datacentre are huge. You can now plug in instantly into the back of a £25m hosting network in Manchester instead of trying to set one up yourself.

You want two hundred techies who are at the top of their game in our Manchester datacentres? We don’t outsource that. They’re not in another country, they’re here. We know how important each client’s hosted solution is and those engineers that are working through the night are those same engineers that work through the day at different times. They run and manage your projects so you can’t get better than that. That’s why the UKFast NPS is so high and the feedback is so high, and that’s why customers stay with UKFast.

Duration: 2:18
Publisher: UKFast
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