InVue, a global provider of intelligent hardware and software systems for data centers, retail, and consumer electronics, has introduced RAC Lock. This new data center security offering would provide a “simple, scalable, and secure” solution for data centers in need of visibility and control to their server racks.

With RAC Lock, InVue has leveraged their Smart Locks and Access Manager software to deliver physical security alongside real-time visibility and control to data centers worldwide. The end-to-end solution would enable data center managers globally to meet the most stringent industry compliance requirements as well as mitigate the challenges of security risk and network uptime.

“We believe that RAC Lock will have a huge impact on the data center industry,” said Jim Sankey, CEO and founder of InVue. “It offers data center managers and security personnel the ability to deploy a secure and scalable access control solution without the hurdles of installation cost and complexity. With our solution, we can offer our Data Center customers peace of mind through detecting a physical breach in real time and reducing the incident response to contain losses.”

Data Center Compliance, Incident Investigation

RAC Lock provides a first-line of defense at the server rack level while providing intelligent data, analytics and tracking through the InVue Access Manager software application. Using InVue’s patented IR technology, InVue OneKEY uses power transfer to operate the lock and logs all key activity into Access Manager in real-time. Using the software, corporate users can control personnel access to entire sites, specific zones, or individual data center cabinets.

The RAC Lock data center security solution allows users to understand who is accessing what, when, and where – as well as remotely deauthorize key access when a threat is detected. Access Manager’s detailed reports can be used for audit, compliance, and incident investigation.

“By leveraging the power transfer and the credential data of OneKEY, we are adding additional layers of security that are so critical for data center and remote edge applications,” said Matthew Gilstrap, Vice President Access Control and Data Security.

“The lock was designed with ease of installation and security in mind. It does not require power or a network to operate, allowing companies to quickly deploy across hundreds of locations in new or existing cabinets.”