IoT Security Specialist Secucloud Doubles Size of Workforce in Just One Year

German IoT security specialist Secucloud is achieving significant growth with its cloud-based security solution for telcos. Secucloud has almost doubled the number of employees this year alone, which will bring them up to 62 staff now.

Since its existing offices became too small for Secucloud, the company is moving into its new and significantly larger headquarters in the center of Hamburg on 1st December. 

dennis monner secucloud
“We’ve had an absolutely fantastic year in 2016,” said Dennis Monner, CEO of IoT security specialist Secucloud.

“We’ve had an absolutely fantastic year in 2016,” said Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “We’ve almost doubled the number of employees since January, which will bring us up to 62 staff by the end of December. Our existing office facilities were quite simply far too small, making it essential for us to move. With our new HQ right in the center of Hamburg, our customers and partners can find us at one of the city’s best addresses.”

“Instead of the 700 square meters in our old office, we now have almost 1600 square meters at our disposal and are well equipped for further growth,” added Mr. Monner. “Expansion is on the cards next year too – we’re currently planning to have more than 85 staff by the end of 2017.” 

Over the last year, Secucloud has won a large number of new customers, including renowned international providers like T-Mobile Netherlands. It has also recruited two experienced industry specialists to its management team: Renzo Pecoraro, a former executive director of Morgan Stanley, and the former E-POST CEO, Mark Rees.

Secucloud specializes in providing security for the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers a comprehensive, completely cloud-based enterprise-class security system for telcos and mobile phone operators that they can install directly into their network infrastructure. This would enable them to protect their customers from all cyber-threats on the Internet in a centralized way. Customers do not need to install any software on their devices, so no setup or maintenance is required. The Secucloud solution scales elastically and would be able to protect up to 100 million users effectively and in real time.

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