iota medtech Transforms Healthcare for Southeast Asians with AWS AI-led solutions

iota medtech is a medical technology company headquartered in Singapore that is focused on using AI for medical imaging diagnosis and is on a mission to make early diagnosis accessible for healthcare practitioners and millions of people living in Southeast Asia and beyond.

The startup’s AI-assisted annotation platform has leveraged AWS’ solutions like Amazon EC2, Amazon Relational Database Service and AWS Auto Scaling to accelerate AI product development and annotation by up to 10 times, saving precious time for their AI developers & collaborating radiologists when co-creating AI products for early detection of cancer, intracranial hemorrhage, strokes and more.

The startup emerged as winners of the 2022 AWS AI/ML Reactor program – a 5-week accelerator built to enable and support AI-first startups to accelerate their development on AWS – and are part of the AWS Partner Network, which has enabled them to scale their solutions to healthcare customers across the Southeast Asian region.

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