IPv4 Lease, the New Normal. Risks & Benefits

IPv4 lease is becoming the option for many enterprises who impacted directly by IPv4 shortage. However, IPv4 lease has been a grey market that needs to be addressed by the Internet community and face the fact that IPv4 became a commodity.

Heficed is a unique IPv4 solution giving the ability for many industries to access IPv4 resources.

Serving over 75 industries globally, Heficed aims to create an alternative ecosystem for the IPv4 lease market, making it accountable and secure for business use.

About platform: https://www.heficed.com/ip-address-market

Vincentas Grinius (Co-founder & CEO at Heficed)
Tobias Knecht (Founder & CEO at Abusix)
Christian Dawson (Executive Director at i2Coalition)
Aistis Zenkevicius (Director of R&D at Heficed)

Duration: 00:59:53
Publisher: Heficed
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