IPv6 Training Videos for CCNA R&S with Wendell Odom

Free IPv6 Training Video with Wendell Odom – Watch the complete 3 lesson series on the Cisco Learning Network: http://cs.co/9003ieUW.

Many people come to their CCENT and CCNA study with at least some IP Version 4 (IPv4) skills, for instance, having seen addresses like Not so with IPv6. Even basic IPv6 addresses like 2001:ACED:FADE:FACE:CAFE:BEEF:1234:5678 can be intimidating. And IPv6 addressing just scratches the surface of IPv6: Even Cisco’s entry-level CCENT certification requires candidate to need to know many different IPv6 terms, concepts, protocols and configuration commands.

Join long-time Cisco Press author and CCIE 1624 Wendell Odom (Twitter: @WendellOdom) as he breaks down IPv6 with comparisons to IPv4. This webinar takes a direct and practical approach, walking through the familiar IPv4 functions configured on hosts and routers: addresses, masks, gateways, and routing protocols. Wendell will then show the many similarities between IPv4 and IPv6. And when IPv6 diverges away from IPv4’s equivalent configuration or concepts, Wendell will also point out those key differences.
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Duration: 9:35
Publisher: Cisco
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