IRAQ-IXP Launches Iraq’s First Neutral Internet Exchange with DE-CIX

DE-CIX outdoor

Together with IRAQ-IXP, global Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX has achieved a noteworthy milestone with the opening of the first Internet Exchange in Iraq. A new age of connectivity for the country is being ushered in with the activation of ‘IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX.’ The new carrier neutral IX and data center are already linked to twelve networks or are in the process of being connected.

This groundbreaking initiative would establish IRAQ-IXP as a premier neutral Internet Exchange serving all regions of Iraq. The IX platform, now operational in the IRAQ-IXP data center located in Baghdad, boasts twelve connected networks with more in the pipeline. Operating under the DE-CIX as a Service (DaaS) model, the IX promises carrier-neutral connectivity, facilitating seamless interconnection among networks within the country.

The direct link between IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX and two of the biggest IXs in the world, DE-CIX Frankfurt and Istanbul, would be one of its unique advantages. Through this strategic linkage, clients may connect with hundreds of networks globally and have access to a broad interconnectivity ecosystem. The IX provides a range of services, including peering, cloud connectivity, and enterprise-grade interconnection, by using DE-CIX’s Internet Exchange infrastructure.

Improving Regional Connectivity

IRAQ IXP - Ahmed Rakwi
“This partnership will improve the resilience of local and regional connectivity, lower the latency of data traffic, and improve the performance of cloud-based resources and applications,” said Ahmed Rakwi, CEO of IRAQ-IXP, on the new Internet Exchange.

The CEO of DE-CIX, Ivo Ivanov, highlighted the need of improving digital infrastructure in order to satisfy Iraq’s expanding need for high-quality services. “The millions of users in Iraq deserve state-of-the-art digital services. DE-CIX is happy to contribute to the finest local infrastructure that is needed for this.” Mr. Ivanov sees the DE-CIX-powered IRAQ-IXP as a driver for the nation’s digital economy, improving accessibility, user experience, and performance.

The CEO of IRAQ-IXP, Ahmed Rakwi, agrees and emphasizes the platform’s dedication to providing top-notch connectivity services. “IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX is set to serve local, regional, and international ISPs, CDNs, content and cloud, as well as enterprise networks. DE-CIX and IRAQ-IXP’s collaboration has the potential to improve regional connectivity, lower latency, and maximize cloud-based resources and applications.”

With more than 10 years of expertise, DE-CIX would be well-positioned to assist the Middle East in its digital transition as a reliable partner. Deploying innovation and connection across the Middle East, DE-CIX has developed IXs in the UAE, Jordan, Turkey, and now Iraq. IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX, which uses DE-CIX’s cutting-edge DaaS model, would follow in the footsteps of other prosperous projects in Dubai such as UAE-IX powered by DE-CIX.

The DaaS program – which offers a wide variety of services tailored to the setup and operation of Internet exchanges – would be a shining example of DE-CIX’s commitment to enabling data centers and other operators. Partners may build interconnection systems that are completely managed by DE-CIX with the help of the DaaS program, which offers everything from installation and maintenance to marketing and sales assistance.

To sum up, the introduction of IRAQ-IXP, which is powered by DE-CIX, may represent a major advancement for Iraq’s digital landscape. This innovative project, which focuses on improving accessibility, performance, and connection, lays the groundwork for a thriving digital ecosystem that will promote innovation and expansion throughout the country’s Internet market.