Irish IT firm Xperience Group Launches Cloud Hosting Platform in London

cloud-hosting-ukEstablished IT firm Xperience Group, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Lisburn, Ireland, has launched its cloud hosting platform, This UK-based public cloud hosting platform would enable users to purchase, provision and manage cloud servers in less than 30 seconds.

Xperience Group’s cloud hosting platform is located in London and comes with an intuitive online control panel and over 400 pre-created Linux, Unix and Windows Server templates. Each cloud server also comes with free daily, weekly and monthly backups as well a comprehensive platform firewall.

“Our new Public Cloud platform in London has been built to an exceptional N+1 standard with no single point of failure,” said Richard Kennedy, Head of Cloud Computing at Xperience Group. “Built upon the latest technologies from IBM and Cisco it is a highly resilient, redundant and powerful platform that meets the needs of the most demanding, mission critical applications.”

Powered by Cisco and IBM

The company’s existing private cloud hosting platform located in Belfast, Ireland, provides customers a customized and tailored solution with dedicated site to site connectivity. This platform offers local area network speeds to customer premises with or without internet connectivity and includes multiple layers of hardware firewall and intrusion protection powered by Cisco networking technologies.

Xperience Group have invested a total of £1.1 million in building its two cloud hosting platforms, which offers both public and private cloud services. Powered exclusively by Cisco and IBM Networking Technologies and IBM PureFlex Systems, both platforms offer an N+1 infrastructure as standard.