iRobot Selects AWS Cloud for Powering Its Applications that Process, Analyze, and Act on IoT Data

iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a provider of robotic technology-based solutions, has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) to address “significant opportunities within its consumer business and the connected home.”

iRobot has sold more than 15 million robots worldwide and reached a strategic milestone last September with the launch of the Roomba 980, its first connected robot that systematically maps the home.

Leveraging AWS IoT, a managed cloud solution that would enable connected devices to interact easily and securely with cloud applications and other devices, iRobot will provide customers with applications that process, analyze, and act on IoT data. The AWS Cloud will also enable iRobot to scale the number of connected robots it supports globally and allow for increased capabilities in the smart home.

irobotic iot cloud“iRobot is excited to be using AWS as our company strategically addresses cloud robotics technologies,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “With its broad, rich services and world-class infrastructure, the AWS Cloud infrastructure will enable iRobot to more efficiently develop connected robot technologies and expand the value of robots within the smart home. It will allow iRobot to build upon our current robots’ capabilities, improve the customer experience and usher in a new era for how people live at home.”

“With the AWS Cloud, companies of all shapes and sizes are able to focus on turning their bold ideas into innovative, connected products that customers love, without the heavy lifting of buying or managing infrastructure,” said Matt Wood, General Manager, Product Strategy at Amazon Web Services (AWS). “iRobot’s use of AWS is a great example of how the cloud can enable innovative, useful, usable, impactful advancements that affect all of our daily lives. We’re excited to see iRobot‘s continued innovation in IoT using the power of the AWS Cloud.”

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