IronYun, HPE Debut First AI Video Analytics Solution Validated on ProLiant Gen 11

IronYun boothIronYun is now partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to launch a top-notch AI-powered video analytics solution, which would be a significant step forward for the video analytics sector. This “state-of-the-art” solution is intended for visual AI applications and is verified on the HPE ProLiant Gen 11 server. A testament to IronYun’s competence is HPE’s recognition of IronYun as the first-ever trusted Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for video analytics.

HPE views this partnership as a calculated step to improve the functionality of IronYun’s well-received Vaidio AI Vision Platform. As a part of NVIDIA Metropolis, IronYun seeks to transform visual AI applications with an emphasis on increasing operational security and efficiency. The NVIDIA Metropolis initiative would enhance the potential of visual AI applications by cultivating a robust ecosystem and offering cutting-edge development tools.

The collaboration has the potential to create cutting-edge security, camera-focused solutions, and corporate IT solutions that make meaningful use of video, according to Neil MacDonald, Executive Vice President & General Manager of HPE’s computing division. It is anticipated that this endeavor would provide distinctive commercial results by harnessing the potential of video analytics across several domains.

IronYun’s President and CEO, Paul Sun, expressed his satisfaction at being acknowledged by HPE as a reliable ISV for video analytics. He views the partnership as a turning point in the field, redefining the potential of video analytics by fusing cutting-edge technology with unrivaled knowledge.

At the HPE Discover event coming week in Barcelona, IronYun will showcase the solution via live demos at the NVIDIA AI Pavilion. With IronYun’s Vaidio AI Vision Platform effortlessly integrating with HPE solutions, which are powered by NVIDIA accelerated processing capabilities, the partnership represents the union of titans of the industry.

Powered by NVIDIA Technology

The verified solution intends to transform the way businesses utilize video data, with potential uses in smart cities, manufacturing, retail, security, and other areas. It would offer improved safety, operational efficiency, and actionable insights. Andrew Taylor,
Nvidia Alliance Manager at HPE
, highlighted their dedication to cutting-edge solutions by expressing enthusiasm about IronYun being the first ISV for video analytics in their ecosystem.

This partnership between IronYun and HPE, made possible by NVIDIA technology, would establish a new standard for video analytics solutions by combining the potent power of NVIDIA’s accelerated processing capabilities, the reliability of the HPE ProLiant Gen 11 servers, and IronYun’s Vaidio AI Vision Platform. It would create a precedent for further advancements in the industry and offering new channels for using video data across other industries.