Is Serverless SRE needed?

Google manages your infrastructure if you use Serverless, like Cloud Run or Cloud Functions. Then, do you still need an Operations team? Martin Omander is asking Mia Villasenor, who shares her experience with us as a Site Reliability Engineer managing systems with millions of users. You still need an operations team, but they are doing things differently if you are using a serverless platform. Find out what and how!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Site Reliability Engineering
1:45 – Smarter operations
2:44 – App-level monitoring
3:38 – Automation
4:23 – On-prem and IaaS
5:28 – PaaS (Serverless)
6:40 – SaaS
7:15 – Serverless: what you manage
8:46 – SLO, SLA, SLI
9:30 – Four golden signals
10:55 – Wrap-up

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Duration: 00:11:44
Publisher: Google Cloud
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