Israeli GamaSec Enters U.S. Market With Cloud-based Malware Scanner

gamasec-malware-scannersGamaSec, a Herzliyah-based Security as a Service (SaaS) company has launched GamaWare, a new cloud-based malware scanner that is designed to deeply penetrate corporate websites and identify suspicious and/or malicious URLs, detect encoded JS/HTML/PDF threats, JS obfuscation techniques, encrypted binary shell codes, Iframes and external links.

The launch of the new product coincides with the establishment of U.S. operations of the Israeli tech company.

The GamaWare SaaS solution uses a mixture of standard signatures of threats and a proprietary heuristic non-signature based detection process, which is capable to detect and protect from various kinds of web-threats. The underlying GamaSec engine in GamaWare identifies JavaScript based attacks and security vulnerability exploits.

On top of that, the GamaSec engine detects encoded shell-codes, JavaScript obfuscation techniques and JavaScript packers, which are used to hide malicious content and dangerous code from signature and pattern based identification mechanisms.

Los Angeles-based US Operations

quatrashield-saas-security-solutionsGamaSec has turned its attention to the U.S. market with the establishment of a new U.S. operation through a long-term partnership agreement with QuatraShield, a security solutions company headquartered in Los Angeles.

QuatraShield’s flagship product, the QuatraScan V3000 Vulnerability Application Scanner, is actually GamaSec’s flagship technology which uses an advanced artificial intelligence platform to scan corporate websites to detect application vulnerabilities and malware. And GamaSec’s GamaWare product is called QuatraWare M3000 in the product proposition of QuatraShield.

Local US sales and services

“One the key differentiators between the GamaWare technology and many of the off-the-shelf products is the reliance on heuristic and non-signature based detection,” said CEO and co-founder of GamaSec, Avi Bartov. “Our proprietary cloud-based software enables companies of all sizes to detect malware that many of the traditional scanners miss.”

“Without a strong U.S. operation, there was a hesitancy on the part of some companies when it came to closing contracts,” Bartov added. “In my opinion, establishing a US based operation that provides full product support is the best model for an Israeli technology company. We can now combine the best of Israeli cyber innovation combined with local US sales and customer service.”