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The Private CA Kubernetes cert-manager plugin is an open source plugin for cert-manager that offers a secure certificate authority solution for Kubernetes containers. ACM Private CA is AWS’s managed and highly available private CA service, and cert-manager is a widely-adopted solution for TLS certificate management in Kubernetes. Customers who use cert-manager for certificate lifecycle management can use this plugin with ACM Private CA to improve security over the default cert-manager CA, which stores keys in plaintext in server memory.

Kubernetes containers and applications use digital certificates to provide secure authentication and encryption over TLS. With this plugin, cert-manager requests TLS certificates from ACM Private CA, a highly available and auditable managed CA that secures CA keys using FIPS-validated Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Together cert-manager and the plugin for ACM Private CA provide certificate automation for TLS in a range of configurations, including at the ingress, on the pod, and mutual TLS between pods. You can use the ACM Private CA Kubernetes cert-manager plugin with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, self managed Kubernetes on AWS, and Kubernetes on-premises.

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