Istio in Production: Day 2 Traffic Routing (Cloud Next '19)

Your organization has moved to microservices, then to Kubernetes. But now you have lots of workloads, and many different points of entry into your application. You’ve heard about how a service mesh can help with traffic management, so you’ve installed Istio and have explored the samples. Now what? This talk goes deep with Istio traffic routing, highlighting the features that can help your organization reduce complexity, improve performance, and scale to your customers’ needs. Using a microservices application running on Google Kubernetes Engine, we will walk through exactly how to manage traffic with Istio. Demos will include load balancing, rollouts, ingress and egress, content-based routing, traffic mirroring, and resilience features such as circuit breaking. Finally, we will discuss best practices for using Istio in production. You will leave with a solid understanding of Istio’s networking objects, and be ready to use Istio to manage traffic within and across your applications.

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Speaker(s): Megan O’Keefe

Session ID: HYB201
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Duration: 41:47
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