IT-as-a-Service Provider Nerdio Announces Enhanced Backup & Disaster Recovery

Nerdio, a provider of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) technology, has announced its new advanced backup and disaster recovery (BDR) module. Nerdio can now perform backups as frequently as every hour, and automatically replicates the data at a secondary, out-of-state facility.

data center new jerseyWith the company’s enterprise level plan, customers would be able to benefit from DR failover tests in just three clicks. This would empower organizations to fully test disaster recovery plans and ensure availability in the event of a critical incident.

“Whether it’s the elements or human error, we know that life happens,” said Vadim Vladimirskiy, founder and CEO of Nerdio. “Our new BDR module makes it incredibly easy for organizations to plan and manage their backup and disaster recovery, so as to ensure they are prepared for any of life’s minor or major catastrophes.”

Key aspects of Nerdio‘s built-in BDR can include:

  • Multiple Tier III data centers
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – Never lose more than one hour of data changes
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – Be back online within four business hours in case of a regional disaster
  • Up to hourly full data backups
  • Continuous and secured out-of-state replication
  • Standby DR capacity to bring up a hot-site system

Nerdio’s VDI-powered ITaaS platform would deliver a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated IT environment, complete with unlimited virtual servers, virtual desktops, the complete Microsoft suite, security, backup and disaster recovery, and more. The NAP management layer features a centralized console for managing IT environments with an “easy-to-learn easy-to-use” user interface (UI). NAP would streamline the management of IT environments, “making it as simple as point-and-click.”

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