IT Automation Provider Ansible Launches Partner Program in North America and Europe

Ansible, Inc., a provider of IT automation solutions for the enterprise, has announced the launch of its Ansible Partner Program. The partner program is designed to help enterprises more efficiently and effectively manage their IT infrastructure utilizing DevOps tools. The program will be available to companies in both North America and Europe.

Ansible provides enterprise-grade solutions for automating apps, systems and cloud resources for IT organizations, based on one of the most popular open source IT automation projects on GitHub. Ansible’s commercial offering, Ansible Tower, helps DevOps teams manage complex multi-tier deployments by adding control, security and delegation capabilities to Ansible environments. The solution does not require any special coding skills or an ability to execute tasks in order.

Ansible’s Partner Program is designed to grow the Ansible ecosystem and enable a more dynamic application lifecycle and drive continuous innovation.

ansible-devops-tools“Since launching our beta partner program in June, we’ve received nearly one partner application per day,” said John Ryan, head of channels and business development, Ansible. “Many of OpenStack’s customers use Ansible’s core open source technology, but are eager to have more interoperability and support with Ansible and Ansible Tower. By establishing a formal partner program, we provide all parties involved with the ability to develop joint go-to-market initiatives and benefit from a higher degree of visibility into the Ansible ecosystem.”

Ansible’s partner participant options include:

  • Services partners – Consulting partners focused on DevOps projects, including innovative and transformative applications, networking and software-defined infrastructures that leverage Ansible Tower to help implement continuous development and integration methodologies, and manage and automate their application-centric infrastructure.
  • Cloud consulting partners – Premier AWS consulting and other cloud services providers that are helping organizations move to the cloud as well as manage and automate their public cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Ansible works with these partners to ensure Ansible core and Ansible Tower integrate seamlessly with their cloud resources.
  • Technology partners – With networking, data center and complementary technology providers and ISVs, Ansible provides resources and assistance to develop Ansible modules and Ansible Tower API integration to support configuration, deployment, automation and orchestration requirements among joint customers and partners.

Ansible receives more than 250,000 downloads per month of its open source automation software on GitHub, has more than 1,000 unique Ansible contributors and more than 12,000 subscribers to its Ansible Galaxy content and collaboration hub.

“As a Cisco Solution Partner, Ansible enables the open source community to build technology integration that spans Cisco Nexus series switches, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM),” said Phil Casini, Director Product Management, Cisco. “Ansible’s automation language and enterprise-class automation tools can help to simplify management and configuration automation for our joint customers.”