iTMethods Launches CloudConnect, Provides AWS Direct Cloud Connect for Its Customer eFront

iTMethods, a Canadian enterprise cloud solutions provider and consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), has launched a CloudConnect solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). With CloudConnect, iTMethods connected both of eFront’s client data centers to the AWS U.S. West (Oregon) and U.S. East (Northern Virginia) cloud regions.

eFront is a software solutions provider dedicated to the financial industry with expertise in Alternative Investments and Risk Management. eFront’s solutions serve major companies in the Private Equity, Real-Estate Investment, Banking, and Insurance sectors.

aws-cloudCloudConnect from iTMethods would make it easy for eFront to establish dedicated network connections between client datacenters and the AWS cloud environment, providing an end-to-end solution with a single point of contact for provisioning & support.

Global PoPs

With local POPs across the US, Canada and globally, geographic diversity and failover capabilities, iTMethods CloudConnect ensures managed connectivity from the client’s AWS resources to their on-premise resources, allowing private access to AWS cloud services without colocation or hardware, and enables routing between remote offices and data centers.

“The iTMethods CloudConnect was the smoothest part of the project, very professional,” said Francisco Braganza, IT Director, eFront. “They started work with us on the architecture, kept to project timelines and delivered. In fact, we recommend the ITMethods component to our larger clients as another means of accessing our hosted environment.”

iTMethods handled end-to end provisioning of all underlying components, including redundant carrier circuits and all integration and vendor management between eFront’s customer data centres and AWS. iTMethods continues to manage the CloudConnect solution, providing real-time monitoring and support.

“We’re excited to see iTMethods CloudConnect solution provide a simplified process of getting and staying connected to the AWS Cloud,” said Terry Wise, Director, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services. “iTMethods has leveraged AWS Direct Connect to provide a simple, managed service solution for consistent network performance, through a private connection to the AWS Cloud.”