ITRenew Adds Pluribus Networks’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric Software to Its Portfolio

ITRenew, a multinational corporation creating circularity models and second lives for some of the world’s most advanced data center technologies, has added Pluribus Networks’ Netvisor ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric controllerless SDN cloud networking software to its suite of ‘Sesame by ITRenew’ networking solutions.

Pluribus’ open networking software may now be added to Sesame by ITRenew clients’ hyperscale-grade computing, storage, and networking infrastructure for a fully integrated hardware and software solution. The combination would be suitable for businesses looking for fully proven data center systems that provide open architecture flexibility and efficiency while also providing the performance and power required to support different workloads.

“We’re excited to add Pluribus as an ITRenew Technology Partner. Both companies share a commitment to removing the cost and complexity barriers to profitable and sustainable data center growth worldwide,” said Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew. “The availability of Pluribus’ networking software on Sesame systems will make it even easier for our customers to deploy, optimize and scale their critical infrastructure around the globe.”

Deploy Active-Active Data Centers

ITRenew is currently actively working on projects with Pluribus Networks in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific that cover numerous customer sectors.

Photo Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew
“The availability of Pluribus’ networking software on Sesame systems will make it even easier for our customers to deploy, optimize and scale their critical infrastructure around the globe,” said Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew.

“Networking has always been the Achilles heel of the data center, slowing service delivery and creating friction for the business. Pluribus puts these issues to rest with radical network automation, virtualization and visibility,” said Kumar Srikantan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Pluribus Networks. “In addition to the appeal of short lead times, we believe strongly in the value ITRenew brings economically, environmentally, and operationally to enterprise and service provider customers. Pluribus is excited to see our cloud networking software integrated into these rack-scale solutions, ensuring ITRenew customers can move at the speed of cloud.”

The integration of Netvisor ONE and Adaptive Cloud Fabric would enable ITRenew clients to radically simplify their data center fabric networking. ITRenew’s clients can now quickly deploy active-active data centers for increased availability, edge data centers for low latency, support workload mobility for performance optimization, and program the entire network fabric with just one or two commands – whether in a single rack, multiple racks within a single data center, or across multiple data center sites around the world.

“The imperative of digital transformation and the rise of modern applications have increased the demand for data center infrastructure that can be deployed quickly to deliver the agility, flexibility, resiliency, programmability, and operational simplicity associated with the best of cloud technology,” said Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks at IDC. “Organizations are also paying greater attention to the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure. As unprecedented and widespread global supply-chain constraints inhibit the industry’s capacity to meet demand, ITRenew and Pluribus have responded with sustainable rack-scale solutions that deliver hyperscale-grade cloud infrastructure that can be deployed in a matter of weeks.”

Open Compute Project

ITRenew and Pluribus Networks, as members of the Open Compute Project (OCP), a collaborative community accelerating the benefits of open systems, are also enabling clients to realize the efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability benefits of open architecture hardware and open source software from the Linux Foundation.

“The Open Compute Project is designed to attract a community of open cloud infrastructure players with a goal of fostering innovation with open hardware designs and open source software while at the same time decarbonizing the IT supply chain,” said Steve Helvie, Vice President Channel Development, Open Compute Project (OCP). “We are pleased to see this collaboration between key OCP solution providers hitting these two objectives squarely, showcasing that our mission and community structure is working just as we envisioned.”