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Circular cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure provider, ITRenew, in joint cooperation with Vapor IO have announced a solution to deliver “the benefits of on-premises computing” to enterprises without requiring data centers or IT equipment on the actual premises.

ITRenew is a multinational corporation creating circularity models and second lives for some of the most advanced data center technologies on the planet. ITRenew claims it is slashing e-waste and CO2 impact while making hyperscale hardware accessible to and affordable for all.

Vapor IO is a company developing a U.S. nationwide edge-to-edge networking, colocation and interconnection platform capable of supporting the most demanding low-latency workloads at the edge of the wireless and wireline access networks. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform combines multi-tenant colocation with software-defined interconnection and high-speed networking. The company has deployed its Kinetic Edge services in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Pittsburgh, and is actively deploying in 36 additional markets.

The combined ‘near-premises’ solution now brought to market by ITRenew and Vipor IO would bring the advanced, integrated compute and storage solutions of ‘Sesame by ITRenew’ together with Vapor IO’s edge-to-edge colocation, networking and interconnection services. The companies claim that ITRenew’s rack-scale systems on Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform deliver performance that rivals on-premises data centers.

Cloud Robotics, 5G Private Wireless, IoT, Industry 4.0

Photo Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew
“The combination of Vapor IO’s intelligent edge services with ITRenew’s game-changing compute and storage solutions enables the ease and efficiency sought by enterprises,” said Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew.

The newly pioneered category of IT services called ‘near-premises’ would implement a strategy to locate and operate IT equipment up to ten miles from an enterprise facility while still achieving performance that would rival on-premises data centers. Delivering smart infrastructure near target businesses would make it possible to serve many enterprise verticals, including hospitals, manufacturers and retailers – lowering barriers to entry and accelerating the time-to-value for enterprises adopting 5G and Industry 4.0 capabilities.

The near premises solution would offer clients the hyperscale-grade IT they might need to power “next-generation” applications without having to invest in their own infrastructure. According to ITRenew and Vapor IO, this makes it easier for enterprises to adopt cloud robotics, 5G private wireless, IoT and other Industry 4.0 innovations. The offering from ITRenew and Vapor IO will first be available in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Pittsburgh, with plans for nationwide expansion across the United States.

“5G and Industry 4.0 will unlock trillions of dollars of economic growth for US industries, and we’re making it easy for companies to adopt these new platforms by reducing the cost and complexity of deployment,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “With ITRenew, we’re making it possible to replace on-premises data centers with fully managed, near-premises services. Essentially, we’re offering an ‘easy button’ for enterprise adoption of 5G and Industry 4.0 applications.”

Sustainable Data Center Services

ITRenew and Vapor IO also claim that their new data center as-a-service offering greatly reduces the costs and environmental impacts of IT infrastructure. The offering comes as enterprises yearn to automate parts of their business, but increasingly find 5G and Industry 4.0 initiatives too complex, risky or financially prohibitive. ITRenew and Vapor IO have come together to solve these challenges with an integrated computing, storage and networking platform that empowers organizations across industries to reduce their total cost of ownership and accelerate sustainability goals.

“Enterprises everywhere are hungry for 5G and Industry 4.0 applications that can help them automate and do more with less,” said Ali Fenn, President at ITRenew. “The combination of Vapor IO’s intelligent edge services with ITRenew’s game-changing compute and storage solutions enables not only the ease and efficiency sought by enterprises, but also unprecedented TCO, TTV, and sustainability advantages. Cost-effective deployment of 5G and Industry 4.0 will be the driving force that enables companies to meet their growth, digital transformation, and decarbonization targets for the foreseeable future.”

“ITRenew and Vapor IO working together means enterprises now have access to an unparalleled and sustainable service that brings them a return on investment faster than anything else out there,” concluded Fenn.