Japanese Localization of PBC’s ERP Solution Through Private Cloud Platform SaaSplaza

erp-hosting-japanPacific Business Consulting, Inc. (PBC) has announced the release of their Japanese localization pack as part of its NAV-CLOUD program. PBC’s NAV-CLOUD, an ERP cloud hosting service, is provided by SaaSplaza as a private cloud for PBC customers, delivered from the SaaSplaza datacenters and offices in Singapore, the U.S. and Europe.

The Japanese localization pack, the ‘J-Pack’, allows integration of double-byte Japanese characters and provides specific functionality for Japanese business requirements into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for small to mid-sized enterprises.

PBC has also developed Chinese localization packs, the ‘C-Pack’ for Simplified Chinese and ‘H-Pack’ for Traditional Chinese, available in Japan and globally with the same delivery options from the cloud, or on-premise.

ERP hosting Japan

The NAV-CLOUD – private cloud hosting – customers would be able to significantly reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by lowering their hardware and maintenance cost, and manage the number of users on a monthly basis. In addition, it would be easy to increase or decrease their requirements depending on their business scale.

“These services can be provided globally for Japanese enterprises rolling out their business to overseas markets, or international companies wishing to localize ERP systems for their Japanese employees, with the SaaSplaza cloud computing infrastructure,” said PBC Managing Director, Ryohei Yoshijima.

“The launch of PBC’s Japanese and Chinese localization packs mean the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivered from the cloud are now available on a truly global scale,” SaaSplaza CEO, Herb Prooy, added.