Japanese Managed Hosting Service Provider, DataHotel, Selects SoftLayer As Cloud Infrastructure Provider

DataHotel, a Japan-based managed hosting service provider for mobile and smartphone application developers, has selected SoftLayer, an IBM company, as its cloud infrastructure provider of choice, in order to expand overseas delivery of “DATAHOTEL for App.”

managed-hosting-japanWith its flagship service, DATAHOTEL for App, DataHotel manages the IT infrastructure for gaming and smartphone application developers, allowing customers to focus on development rather than IT maintenance. As smartphone use increases world-wide, the managed hosting service provider intends to provide a global IT infrastructure that can support application development and delivery for overseas customers, without subjecting them to performance and latency issues.

40 data centers in 15 countries

By teaming with IBM’s SoftLayer as its cloud hosting provider of choice, the Japanese managed hosting service provider will be able to leverage services from 40 data centers in 15 countries and five continents globally by the end of 2015 – including the United States and Singapore, where it is currently expanding. SoftLayer’s bare metal cloud servers would allow DataHotel to support its customers’ complex frameworks in a way that virtual machines could not.

“DataHotel’s use of IBM SoftLayer’s cloud server infrastructure is a powerful example of how transformative cloud computing can be,” said Lance Crosby, Chief Executive Officer of SoftLayer, an IBM Company.  “By simply moving its IT environment onto IBM’s SoftLayer cloud hosting infrastructure, DataHotel eliminated the cost, complexity and logistical constraints that it otherwise would have faced in deploying a traditional IT environment to support its global expansion.”